Personalised Tee Pee Wall Clock

Personalised Tee Pee Wall Clock

Moosh Kids


Another wonderful product from our range of personalised baby gifts, our personalised tee pee wall clock will be a great addition to your child’s bedroom for many years to come. 

In true Moosh Kids style, our wall clocks are designed and created using high-quality timber, as well as using high-quality, and safe inks for our images and child’s name. 

It’s worth noting that we can also include your child’s date of birth or middle name to further personalise their wall clock. 

Also, in addition to the hours and minutes hands, our clocks include a seconds hand to help your child learn to tell the time as they get older.

The fonts available to you to include in our personalised wall clocks include Bubble Gum Sans, Cute and Cuddly, Cookie, Strawberry, Grandma’s Garden, Ink Free, Josephine Slab, Allura, Georgia Belle, Josefin Slab, Chocolate Raindrops, and Bubble.

You’ll also have a variety of font colours available to you as well including Yellow, Red, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Navy, Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Black, Violet, and Purple.

And whilst personalisation is a big part of who we are here at Moosh Kids, we’re also a big fan of convenience and that’s no different with our personalised tee pee wall clock.

They’re incredibly easy to hang on your child’s bedroom wall as they come complete with a hanging hook on the back.

If you’re looking for a cute, colourful, and creative way for your child to learn how to tell the time, look no further than our personalised tee pee wall clock.

Measurements: 200mm x 200mm x 6mm

Please note: the clock hands may differ to our photo.