Why consider Moosh Kids for your next fundraiser?

Products customers already love

We send 100's of personalised items out every week so you already know that customers love our products.

Good range of personalised items

From money boxes to clock and even baby blankets for the real little ones, we have a lot to choose from.

Easy to set up

We do almost everything for you. Just let us know the date, email your members and that is it. We even supply the email!

Orders shipped direct to members

No more distributing orders to your members, we ship directing to the customer within 10 days of order placement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a fundraiser go for?

We recommend running a fundraiser for a full 6 weeks. Remember though, we ship orders to your members within 10 days or them ordering so they do not have to wait 6+ weeks to receive their items.

Where do the orders get shipped to?

This is one of the benefits of our fundraising, the orders get shipped directly to your members address. within 10 days of ordering.

When are the final funds deposited in our group account?

Within a week of the fundraiser ending.

Will we know which of our members made a purchase?

We will download you a report from our website that shows everyone that used your code.

How much notice do we need to give to book a fundraiser?

Depending on availability, generally we can get you started in 1-2 weeks.

Can our members ask Moosh Kids questions about a product?

Absolutely, as your members are using the same online store as a non fundraising customer, they have all our details and we encourage them to ask us any questions.

Can I rebook or book in advance?

We strongly suggest where possible secure your spot for the following year.

Can you send our group printed flyers?

Yes we can, however depending on the quantity your require, we will deduct a small fee from your final tally. Maximum of $45

Will you post our groups success or details on your website or social media?

Absolutely not without your permission!