Personalised Wooden Photo Puzzles

Create a wooden jigsaw puzzle for your child from your own collection of photos and give them a personalised gift they can cherish.

Introducing one of our most popular products: our personalised wooden photo puzzles.

Pour through all those happy snaps you have in your smartphone and transform them into a wooden puzzle in a matter of moments.

Not only are our personalised wooden photo puzzles an entertaining toy for your child, but they are educational too.

They are absolutely perfect for your child as they are developing their fine motor skills during those all-important formative years.

The puzzle pieces themselves are a convenient size to help even the smallest of fingers pick them up and put them down.

Our custom wooden photo jigsaw puzzles are available in 25 piece sets and can be easily made by uploading your photo in a matter of seconds.

But if your own photos of your child aren't what you want, why not upload a photo of one of their drawings or paintings instead?

You absolutely can! It's just another way that we can offer you a way of personalising your child's gift that will be unique to them.

Speaking of personalisation, you'll be able to include your child's name and have six stylish fonts to choose from.

If that wasn't exciting enough for you, our personalised wooden photo puzzles come also come in a number of gorgeous designs.

These include princesses, rainbows, butterflies, dinosaurs, monkeys, and so much more.

As you can probably tell, we absolutely love these personalised wooden photo puzzles and we genuinely hope you do too.

More importantly, we very much hope that your child will love them also.

All of our personalised wooden puzzles sold in our online store are available to be purchased with AfterPay across Australia-wide.