Personalised Wooden Toys

Are you looking for the best personalised wooden toys in Melbourne, Australia? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Moosh Kids creates and sells the best toys including personalised wooden trains, personalised wooden animals, wooden letter blocks, wooden baby toys, personalised wooden puzzles and so much more.

But who do we make them for we hear you ask? 

They might not be for everyone but we love the fact that our customers who buy our high quality, personalised wooden toys are typically parents who have newborn babies and want to buy something that their child can keep forever.

Many of those parents are parents of toddlers who want their child to have something a little bit different from mainstream toys.

And finally, family members and friends who want to get that something special for those aforementioned parents as a way to celebrate the safe arrival of their newborn baby or a keepsake that their toddler can have forever or for now!

We believe that our personalised wooden toys customised right here in Melbourne, Australia, are more than just toys - they are something to be treasured for a lifetime.

Toys might just be toys to some people, but we here at Moosh Kids believe our personalised baby toys are different. Why?

Because they are personalised wooden toys that are carefully designed and created just for your child.

We customise them to their needs to ensure that they are absolutely the perfect gift.