Personalised Kids Bags

Let’s be honest - every kid needs a bag.

Whether they’re heading off to creche, pre-school, primary school, or having a sleepover with their bestie, there’s always a need for a bag.

This is why here at Moosh Kids we create and stock the cutest personalised kids bags imaginable and for every occasion. 

And not only that but we also have a variety of cute colours, designs, and styles that we’re sure will make your kid feel happy to carry it on their back wherever they go.

Our range of backpacks are perfect for daycare, creche, swimming, or kindergarten and are beautifully printed with our designs which include dinosaurs, construction, bunny’s and bright rainbows, space, llama, happy space, and zoo animals.

The bags themselves are very well made that include adjustable straps, water bottle side sections, and that all-important front compartment where your little one can keep their lunch box or cuddly friend.

We’ve also got a beautiful range of drawstring bags as part of our overall range of fun personalised kids bags.

They’re a great bag to have for your children to carry around their library books, change of clothes for sleepovers, and whatever else they need to have with them.

Your kids will absolutely love all of the cute designs available to choose from including animals, sea creatures, insects, transport, fairy tales, rainbows, dinosaurs, and monsters.

These bags include convenient drawstrings that will not only hold everything inside but can be thrown over their shoulders much like a backpack.

Regardless of which of our personalised kids bags you choose from we know that not only will your child love it for its design but how they’re able to carry around all their favourite things.