Why We Love Personalised Wooden Toys

Why We Love Personalised Wooden Toys

If there’s one thing we love about being in the business of wooden toys, it’s that we love being in the business of personalised wooden toys.

In short, they’re great.

Don’t get us wrong - the toys you can purchase at your local toy store are incredibly popular and always will be.

However, at MooshKids, we wanted to offer toys that were not only different to most toy stores but were unique to the buyer.

Hence why we wanted to offer personalised wooden toys in our online store.

It’s all about you

To begin, they’re all about you and only you.

Or perhaps, more to the point, your child.

We wanted to ensure that we offered a variety of wooden toys that you could engrave your child’s name or date of birth where you wanted to.

Places like train carriages, wheels and a number of other places are available to you to engrave something personal.

personalised baby gifts

They make for great personalised baby gifts

Whilst we have quite a selection of wooden toys available for toddlers and older kids, many of our toys make for great personalised baby gifts too. 

Toys such as personalised wooden puzzles, trains, rattles, animals and clothing are just some of what we can offer you when it comes to baby gifts.

We really believe that we have something for every child in our online store. 

They’re of a high quality and safe

Whilst we’re all about personalisation here at MooshKids, we also want to ensure that we’re producing toys that are of a high quality and, most importantly, are of a safe nature.

All of our toys are created using the best quality timbers and the safest non-toxic paints.

Taking safety a step further, all of our personalised wooden toys comply with the various Australian & New Zealand Standards on Safety of Toys.

So, as a parent, you can rest easy knowing that your child is playing with a wooden toy that is not only of a high quality but is also safe.

As parents ourselves, this was at the forefront of our minds when starting MooshKids and we will also ensure that our products are compliant with relevant standards.

They’re colourful too!

Last but not least - we love that they’re colourful!

With so many beautiful colours and fonts available, we absolutely love that we’re able to offer you personalised wooden toys that are not only educational and entertaining, but incredibly colourful as well.

Many of our products have an extensive range of colours and fonts available to you that we know you’ll be able to choose something that you, and your child, will really like.

Entertaining and educational

Our personalised wooden toys are not only fun to play with, but they’re incredibly educational as well.

Whether it’s one of our puzzles or wheelie animals, our products will help your child develop their fine motor skills as they push, pull and squeeze these toys to their heart’s content.

And there you have it, folks! These are just some of the reasons why we love personalised wooden toys and why we are so proud to offer them to you - our MooshKids community.

Whether it be personalised wooden puzzles or personalised baby gifts, we know we’ve got something for everyone in our online store.

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