Unique Baby Gifts For Friends & Family

Unique Baby Gifts For Friends & Family

Here at MooshKids, we always wanted to create products that were unique to you.

This is why we not only love all of the wooden toys we have available but, and probably more importantly, we love that we can personalise them for you.

However, finding that perfect personalised baby gift can be incredibly tough with so many options available to you.

Yet, when you want to find the right opti for your loved one, you want to ensure you’re getting that perfectly unique gift that welcomes the newborn baby into the world with open arms.

So with that in mind, we thought we would put together a blog that showcases three of the more popular personalised baby gifts we have available for you to purchase.

Personalised Wooden Trains

Undoubtedly our most popular personalised baby gift available in our online store, our personalised wooden trains are a dream.

Suitable for your own newborn or the newborn of a loved one, this is a gift that can be kept forever or passed down through the generations. 

Apart from being able to personalise these wooden trains, we’re also able to offer you several beautiful fonts and colours to choose from to ensure it suits your child.

Personalised Rattles

We reckon every newborn baby needs a rattle and especially when it’s personalised.

Our range of personalised rattles come in a number of beautifully designed animals including an owl, bird and elephant.

They’re incredibly popular and also come with a number of cute colours that we reckon you’re going to absolutely love.

But best of all, not only are our rattles entertaining for your baby, they’re also educational as they can assist with developing a baby's fine motor as they learn to shake, twist, grasp, and squeeze it.

Personalised Animal Wooden Puzzles

An incredibly popular product within our extensive range of personalised baby gifts, our personalised animal wooden puzzles will be a welcome addition to your child’s array of toys.

Whether you intend for them to use it or it sits proudly on their shelf merely as a decorative toy, we just know that you’re going to love them.

Designed with the safest and highest quality pastel colours, as well as the best quality timber, we can personalise your child’s animal wooden puzzle by engraving your child’s name at the bottom of it.

To further the safety element, these puzzles can be sanded back to create that all-important soft and smooth feeling to ensure your child can play with it in a safe manner.

Personalised Wooden Shape Sorter Box

A relatively new product here at MooshKids, our personalised wooden shape sorter box is as entertaining as it is educational.

They’re a great way to teach your child how to problem solve for themselves whilst helping them develop those all-important fine motor skills.

And most importantly - they will have fun whilst learning all about different colours and shapes.

Made from superb quality woods and beautiful non-toxic paints that comply with the various Australian & New Zealand Standards on Safety of Toys.

And these are just some of the many personalised baby gifts we have available for you to purchase in our online store.

Whatever your preference in style, colour or font, we’re confident we’ll have something that will suit you and, most importantly, your newborn child.

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