Our Ultimate Toy Guide For Children of Different Ages & Stages

Our Ultimate Toy Guide For Children of Different Ages & Stages

There are many questions that we get asked quite regularly either via social media or an enquiry form on our website.

But we regularly get asked - “my child is x years old and is at a stage now where he is getting into everything. Which of your personalised toys would suit him?”

We’ve got so many questions and so many answers that we thought we would put together this handy little toy guide for children of different ages & stages.

kids playing in a play room

Toys for 0-6 Months

It’s during this time that babies will start to stare at people and follow them closely with their eyes.

They also become obsessed with what their hands and feet are able to do, as well as turn their heads towards any new sounds, and so much more.

The types of baby toys you should be considering are toys that they can shake, hold, reach for and make noise.

Think rattles, teething toys, squishy toys, textured balls, large rings and much more.

Toys for 7-12 Months

Now that your little one is getting a little older, it means they’re going to start moving more. This includes everything and anything from rolling over, pulling themselves up, bouncing & bopping, and standing. 

They’ll also start to become much more alert with sounds and common words as they grow, and begin to really get into everything and anything they can as they explore their surroundings.

Toys that they’ll naturally gravitate towards are dolls, puppets, plastic and wooden vehicles with wheels that they can push along, water toys, plastic bowls, balls, wooden blocks of all sizes, and push and pull toys.

little toddlers in a child care room

Toys For One-Year-Olds

If you thought they were moving before, wait until they turn one-years-old! They’ll be walking fairly steadily by now so they’ll want to be everywhere.

They’ll also be forming proper sentences and will start to play alongside other children whilst you supervise them.

We’d recommend the following toys for children of this age:

Toys For Toddlers 

Now that your child is two-years-old, they are starting to really learn their words and their awareness of danger is that much more heightened.

Known as “the terrible twos”, this is where they start testing their own limits through jumping & hanging off things, rolling around, and general rough-and-tumble play.

At this stage in their life, they have sound control of their hands and fingers which means they can pick up and put down small objects with ease.

We’d recommend the following toys for them to use at this age:

  • Problem solving toys such as wooden puzzles, connecting blocks, and toys that connect together through other means
  • Creative toys such as crayons and markers, chalkboards, and rhythmic instruments
  • Dress up clothes, dolls with accessories, wooden transportation toys

Toys For Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

We’re now entering preschool and kindergarten, and so your child now has the opportunity to interact and play with other children.

Their attention spans will be much longer and they will also have lots of questions and they will love playing with their friends.

This will develop their need to share toys with their friends at preschool or kindergarten.

Toys that we’d recommend for children of this age are:

  • Toys to pretend and build with i.e. construction sets, puppets, dolls
  • Problem solving toys such as sturdy wooden puzzles, smaller toys to sort by different measurements
  • Tunnels, plastic wheelbarrows, tricycles, bats & balls

And that’s our handy guide for toys to choose from for children of different ages & stages. Whilst we’ve included some recommendations, there are plenty more out there to consider for your own child.

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