It's Time to Make Play Time a Priority

It's Time to Make Play Time a Priority

For children, play time is everything.

It’s fun. Joyful. Spontaneous. Exciting. Regardless if it’s playing by themselves or playing with others, the main point of play is to enjoy ourselves.

It’s also essential to your children’s well being. It’s that energy booster that they cry out for multiple times of the day. It’s little wonder that kids want to play all the time. 

The positivity and creativity that comes from engaging in play can be nothing short of amazing. 

Young children feel very content when they’re playing but also their ability to create something from nothing increases.

When we play as adults, we’re enjoying ourselves too regardless of what we’re doing. But what’s exciting for one adult may be tedious to another. The same can be said of children.

Some love painting. Some love playing with toys. Some enjoy building towers, while there are some children who just love to run around and play on a playground. Essentially, fun will turn any activity into play.

In saying that, there are times when children need encouragement to engage in play. We now live in a world where technology has weaved its way into our children’s playtime.

Children are now favouring iPads over race cars and Barbie dolls. While we’re not completely advocating for the removal of tech from play time, we certainly think there needs to be a balance.

Much like the not-so food groups - “everything in moderation”.

In saying all of this, we think the best part of children participating in active play are the skills they develop during their formative years.

Skills such as gross & fine motor skills, communication, social, and cognitive, are all important as children develop and grow. And it can all be facilitated by regular, active play.

Regardless if your child is playing with an object or they are using their imagination to pretend they are off in a far away land with their friends, play time is essential to everything they do and everything they are.

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