Three Personalised Baby Gifts for Boys & Girls

Three Personalised Baby Gifts for Boys & Girls

Without wanting to favour either boys or girls, we thought our latest blog should focus on some of the ideal personalised baby gifts for boys & girls made right here at MooshKids.

Personalised Baby Blankets

If there’s one item that every baby boy and girl needs it’s a beautifully crafted & designed personalised baby blanket.

They’re cute, cuddly, colourful and created with your child in mind.

Plus, is there anything more cute than a baby who is all tuckered out from a day of eating and pooping, and has fallen asleep under their blanket?

We don’t think there is either!

Also, if your baby has grown up and is now a toddler - fear not! These blankets are for them too as they can be wrapped up in the blanket and put in a pram or couch.

Personalised Clocks

Regardless if they are a boy or a girl, it’s always a good thing for kids to be able to tell the time.

So why not get them a personalised wall clock?

First of all, a wall clock can be incredibly entertaining with the many beautiful designs and font colours & styles available to you.

Secondly, they can be as educational as they are entertaining.

Without stating the obvious, we always think it’s a good idea to start teaching your child to tell the time using a wall clock rather than a digital clock.

This will help them immensely during their developmental years as they begin to work out how the hour, minute and second hand work.

personalised baby gifts

Personalised Money Boxes

If teaching your child to tell the time is one important thing to do when they’re younger, then helping them save money is important too.

And having their very own personalised money box will certainly help keep their coins safe until they’re ready to spend them.

And whilst they might not quite be at the age of doing chores and putting their money away for a rainy day, they can still keep their money somewhere safe.

What better way to do that than with their very own personalised money box.

So regardless if you have a son or daughter, then any of these three personalised baby toys will certainly go a long way to being the perfect gift for them.

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