Three Must Haves for The New School Year

Three Must Haves for The New School Year

It might only be September, but as parents we’re already starting to think about what we need to buy our kids for the upcoming school year.

New clothes. New shoes. Lunchboxes. School bags. The works.

But what are the must-haves for this upcoming school year?

We’ve got you covered with three back to school items we think your child will definitely need for the 2022 school year.

Spoiler alert - they’re all personalised!

personalised school bags

Personalised School Bags

An absolute no brainer when it comes to school items that every kid needs.

Our extensive range of personalised school bags are full of so many wonderful and creative designs that we reckon any child will love.

Best of all they come in a convenient drawstring setup which makes it incredibly easy for your little one to sling over their tiny shoulders and carry.

It also makes it easy for them to carry all their other school supplies as well including their books, pencil cases and more.

Personalised Pencil Cases

Speaking of which, personalised pencil cases are our next must-have on our list of personalised back to school supplies for 2022.

With the option of including your child’s name in a stylish font & colour, our beautifully designed pencil cases will ensure your child never loses their stationery ever again (or at least for one school year anyway!).

Made from durable fabric, these pencil cases come with two built-in compartments to ensure your child’s stationery can stay put during the school day.

Available in a number of stylish fonts to choose from including Cookie, Bubblegum, Allura, Ink Free and more.

personalised lunch boxes

Personalised Lunch Boxes

What better way to keep your child’s lunch cool and ready to eat than with one of our personalised lunch boxes?

We’ve got some amazing designs to choose from including dinosaurs, butterflies, circus trains and so many more.

For all you parents who love convenience and easy to use products, our lunch boxes and cooler bags are fully insulated and have easy zip access to get inside.

These are what we think should be on every parent’s list of things to buy for this upcoming year, but is there anything we might have missed?

Feel free to get in contact with us to let us know what we might have missed.

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