Three Gift Ideas For Parents of a Newborn

Three Gift Ideas For Parents of a Newborn

We reckon there's no more exciting time in a person's life than the arrival of a newborn baby. 

And whilst change can be scary, we think this change is a wonderful one.

Now, with every arrival of a newborn baby there is going to be a number of items needed for baby, and parents, including clothes, toys, and other things that friends and family can offer as gifts.

But what do you buy? And where do you start for ideas?

Well, we've got you 100% covered with this blog where we'll feature three gift ideas for you to give to your friend or family member.

Or at the very least it'll get you thinking about what's out there for you.

personalised baby gifts

Personalised Baby Gifts

You mightn't have worked it out yet but we absolutely personalised baby gifts.

Yes it's true!

There are so many baby gifts you can choose to purchase for an expecting parent.

These ideas include personalised wooden toys, plates and mugs, clocks, blankets and more.

Beautifully designed and created, these products can have the child's name or date of birth engraved on it to ensure that personal touch. 

Furthermore, they come with some amazing colours and prints that we reckon any child, and their parents, will absolutely love it.

Gift Hampers

This might not be a gift idea that immediately comes to mind when you're thinking of buying a gift for the parents of a newborn but we reckon gift hampers are a great alternative.

First of all, you could include a number of handy gifts inside the hamper that are not only for baby but also for the parents as well.

It means that if you're struggling to pick from one item or another, you can include them both, as well as a number of others, in the gift hamper.

Ideas to include in these gift hampers are baby bibs, rattles, jumpsuits, jackets, socks, books and so much more.

moosh kids

Slow Cooker

Yep - we know this isn't a toy and we know this isn't for the baby.

But whilst we reckon that these gift ideas that you and others will think about are often for the baby, why should the parents be left out?!

That's why we've decided to include the always trusty and always practical slow cooker.

At the very least, it's a great addition to any newborn parent's cooking appliances.

Without stating the obvious, parents of a newborn are time poor but they still need to eat and eat regularly. 

A slow cooker is a convenient kitchen appliance that will not only allow the parents to eat a delicious meal but several times over given you can cook in bulk.

This makes a slow cooker incredibly handy for parents who need a meal there and then and don't want to have to cook repeatedly. 

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