Please Don't Call Me Grandma........!

Please Don't Call Me Grandma........!

"What do you want to be called mum?"

Never did I think that one simple question would cause so much internal anguish, ultimately all very unnecessary. Of course I was over the moon that a little baby was going to be joining us and I would have an important role to play in his life, but my head all of a sudden was filled with very melodramatic questions.

"OMG am I that old?" "Where did the last 46 years go?" "I should make sure I have a will written up" "Is this why my back hurts? Do I have osteoporosis?"

If you have recently welcomed a new baby into the family you may know how I felt. In saying that my grandson is now 15 months old and I haven't really thought about any of the above thoughts since.....well since I saw him and held him.

Needless to say (prior to my above mentioned epiphany), I scoured the internet to get some inspiration on alternatives to Grandma or Nana.  Here's a few I came up with that nearly ended up being my eternal Nana name.

YAYA - The Greek name for Grandma.  I am not Greek however the name is catchy. 

GIGI - Cute - couldn't find an origin at all.  It seems to be a simplified version of Grandma as it is much easy for a toddler to say.

MAWMAW - I just keep thinking Crazy Cat Lady.  Not sure why but this one never had a chance so moving along.....

GRAMMY - Absolutely not! No way! Not a hope!  In my opinion it screams - I AM 135 YEARS OLD.

NONA - I actually like this one. It is the Italian word. 

AMMA - This word is Grandma for an Icelandic Grandma. Not a huge fan but it's cool.....get it?

MEME - I'll give you one guess - French. Oooh LaLa. Do you think it's too close to "me"?  English is hard enough to learn without unnecessary confusion.

You may be wondering what I chose to be named. I decided to go traditional so I became NanaJoJo (my name is Jodi), however we all know he may never get his tongue around that so we just stick with Nana and that's perfectly  Wasn't when he was still a peanut.

So whatever you choose or whatever is chosen for you just go with it because ultimately it's just a word and its definition in my book is - 

The choc chip cookie keeper * The awesome toddler shoe shopper * Mum's secret advisor * The best hugger * The best swing pusher and so much more.

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