Our Personalised Toy Recommendations for Little Kids

Our Personalised Toy Recommendations for Little Kids

Whilst we get plenty of enquiries and messages on our social media pages about what we would recommend as personalised toys for babies, we also get asked for toy recommendations for little kids.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to write up a blog about which of our personalised toys & gifts would be suitable for your little child.

Personalised Money Boxes

Certainly a product in our online store that is growing popular by the day, our personalised money boxes are ideal for little kids and babies.

If you're little one is interested in learning about more or you want somewhere for them to keep the loose change you give them, you won't be disappointed.

In fact, we reckon you'll instantly fall in love with them.

We've got some really nice designs that we reckon every child will enjoy regardless of what they're interested in.

With a rubber removable bottom attached, this can sit proudly on your child's chest of drawers or cupboard.

personalised toys for toddlers

Personalised Kids Bags

Is your child heading off for their first sleepover? Or perhaps they need a new bag for swimming lessons?

Our personalised kids bags are just what they need to keep their personal belongings in a safe and secure space.

Complete with convenient drawstrings, these bags are lightweight enough to ensure comfort is never an issue.

Also, there's enough room in there for their cuddly friend to come along for the ride too.

Personalised Wooden Trains

An old favourite of ours, and something we always recommend to our customers, is our personalised wooden trains.

Honestly, we absolutely love them and are so proud to be able to offer them to you our awesome customers.

Made from high quality wood, and complete with that always important personalised touch, our wooden trains will keep your little child entertained for hours.

personalised toys for toddlers

Personalised Wooden Puzzles

Probably another favourite personalised toy of ours to recommend for little children is our personalised wooden puzzles.

There's a variety of them to choose from including chunky puzzles which are really convenient for little fingers.

We also have named jigsaw puzzles and printed photo puzzles to choose from as a special gift for your little one.

Honestly, they'll get some much use of out these wooden puzzles that they might head off to play with them and you won't see them for the rest of the day.

That's how entertaining we think they are!

So the next time you're perhaps browsing through our online store looking for a personalised toy for a toddler, be sure to have a read of this blog for some inspiration.


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