The Perfect Christmas Gifts That Are Slightly Different

The Perfect Christmas Gifts That Are Slightly Different

Honestly, it really is the most wonderful time of the year around the world. 

And with that always comes the question - what do I buy for <insert name> here? It happens just about every year.

We get it though. You probably don't want to buy the same thing that you brought your little ones last year.

Or at least nothing similar anyway.

Which is why we're challenging you to think outside the square this Christmas and buy something a little different.

Personalised Decorations

It might be your child's first Christmas but if it's not, your child will be able to have this personalised christmas bauble forever.

Not only are they colourful, but you can include your child's name and a cute design as well to really personalise it.

It doesn't even need to hang on the tree and is something you can use later on down the track.

Either way, we think this makes for a nice personalised gift for your child this year.

a personalised christmas gift ideal for little kids

Personalised Santa Sack

This might be something that's a litle more suitable for little toddlers as they start to grow and take a keen interest in Santa. Especially, if they know what he's all about!

They are made from really soft material and come with drawstrings to ensure none of Santa's presents ever fall out. 

You can personalise these Santa sacks and include your child's name and a cute design along with it.

It'll be one Christmas gift that will keep on giving time and time again.

Personalised Dinner Sets

Probably one that isn't exactly Christmas themed but something you might not have considered before.

Our personalised dinner sets will be a sure-fire winner with your little one not only for Christmas but meal time from now on.

With items such as a placemat, spoon & fork, and plate included, your child will absolutely love eating from it.

They also come in a number of really cute designs including Australian animals & dinosaurs.

These are just some of the out of the box Christmas gifts you could be think of this year for your little one.


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