How to Personalise a Toy Box

How to Personalise a Toy Box

Without stating the obvious, if there’s one place to keep all your child’s toys in their bedroom it would have to be their toy box.

Not only can you easily store your child’s personalised wooden toys, but the toy box itself can easily be stored away too making cleanup time a breeze.

BUT! Like anything we do here at MooshKids, we reckon adding that personal touch makes all the difference.

And while we don’t sell personalised toy boxes, we reckon we know a thing or two about personalisation.

So, with that in mind, sit back and read about some of the ways you can personalise your child’s toy box.

personalised baby gifts

Fill it With Personalised Gifts & Toys

Very much an obvious one. 

We might even have a recommendation for somewhere to go for all your personalised toys ;)

Whether it be personalised baby gifts from when they were young or toys when they’re toddlers, you’ll be able to fill it with some really nice toys and mementos.

And best of all - your child will have plenty of wooden toys to play with that will keep them entertained for hours.

Why Not Decorate It Yourself?

You could go as far as painting their toy box in a colour or colours that they absolutely love, or perhaps even put really creative stickers of their favourite character or animal on it.

Either way, they’ll know it’s theirs because it’ll have something on it that is true to their interests.

You might even take it a step further and get cushions included on the top lid that are of a colour that they like.

What’s in a Name?


In this case, kids and baby toys, but also your child’s name somewhere on the lid or the front panel so everyone knows it’s your childs.

This can be done through painting or engraving, and with stylish fonts or font colours to boot.

personalised baby gifts

It’s All a Bit of Fun

Lets be honest - cleaning up toys isn’t fun. Especially if you’re asking your child to do it.

By personalising their toy box, it might just make clean up time a fraction bit easier if they know they’re packing their toys up into their own toy box.

If you’re sick of the same old toy box, why not mix things up a little and get your child a personalised toy box?! We reckon they’ll absolutely love it.

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