Four Thoughtful Gifts for Newborn Baby’s

Four Thoughtful Gifts for Newborn Baby’s

After nine long months of keeping a baby safe in her tummy, he or she has finally arrived in the world safe and sound.

Whether it be something convenient such as personalised baby clothes, or something a little more entertaining such as personalised wooden toys, we’ve got four thoughtful gifts we reckon are ideal for any newborn baby.

Personalised Wooden Puzzles

Equally as entertaining as they are educational, personalised wooden puzzles are such a great gift for a newborn baby.

Whilst they might not be able to use them straight away, they can certainly have them for when they are a little older as they are learning to develop their fine motor skills.

Aside from these wooden puzzles being able to be personalised, the size of the pieces make them incredibly convenient for little fingers when picking them up and putting them back.

Personalised Clocks

Much like the personalised wooden puzzles we mentioned, little babies may not be able to tell the time straight away but a personalised clock is an ideal for a newborn baby.

With a variety of cute and colourful designs including Australian animals, circus trains, unicorns and more, we reckon there’s a design available to suit every child out there.

Including an hour and minute hand, these personalised clocks also include seconds hands to assist children to tell the time when they’re older.

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Personalised Wooden Toys

Whether it’s a shaker toy, teether rattle, or a wooden animal on wheels, a personalised wooden toys will make for a great newborn baby gift.

Available in a variety of colours, shapes & designs, wooden toys are unique in the sense that they aren’t the usual type of gift you would get for a newborn.

Also, the fact you can personalise them makes them that extra bit special and can be a keepsake for many years to come.

Personalised Blankets

Last but certainly not least, an absolute favourite of ours when it comes to gifts for newborns would have to be personalised blankets.

A little more mainstream than some of the other personalised baby gifts we’ve mentioned in this blog, these blankets are cute, colourful and designed with your child’s warmth in mind.

With a range of beautiful designs available for you to choose from, you can also personalise these blankets with your child’s name and date of birth so they can keep it forever.

These are just four thoughtful gifts that we reckon would be ideal for a newborn, but we’d love to know if you have any ideas for yourself. Be sure to let us know below!

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