Four of the Best Personalised Baby Gifts

Four of the Best Personalised Baby Gifts

There are plenty of gifts to choose from when a new baby enters your life or the lives of your loved ones but we reckon you could take it a step further and consider personalised baby gifts.

And we think they’re a great alternative.

To begin with, they’re personalised so they hold enormous sentimental value.

Your child or your loved one’s child can keep this gift for a lifetime and perhaps pass it onto their own child later in life for them to keep.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to put this handy blog together showcasing four of the best personalised baby gifts you can choose from.

personalised wooden trains

Personalised Wooden Trains

One of our favourite baby gifts would have to be personalised wooden trains.

Made from the highest quality timber, these wooden trains are a fantastic toy for small children & toddlers.

And not only that but they can be personalised by including your child’s name either on the side of the train itself or the attached carriages.

Furthermore, they can come in some really nice colours making them an ideal gift.

Personalised Wooden Puzzles

The great thing about personalised wooden puzzles is not only are they a fun toy for your child but they’re also educational.

With small separate pieces featuring the letters of your child’s name, they’re the perfect size for your child to remove from the board and put back. 

Furthermore, they’re educational because not only can your child learn about the alphabet but their name as well.

Personalised Wooden Vehicles

A great gift for your child or for them to play with other children, personalised wooden vehicles are another great baby gift.

Whether it be trucks, cars, or tractors, they’re an adventurous and entertainment toy that can certainly be a sentimental toy they can keep forever.

And best of all they come in multiple colours and are perfect for little hands.

personalised wooden toys

Personalised Wooden Animals

If wooden vehicles are one of the most popular personalised baby gifts, then wooden animals are right up there.

Wooden toys such as worms, rabbits, frogs and ducks are great gifts for babies as they begin to develop their fine motor skills.

Typically, these wooden animals come with wheels making them incredibly easy for your baby to use during playtime. 

These are four of the best personalised baby gifts available to you to purchase for your newborn or perhaps a loved ones newborn.

Not only are they toys designed for entertainment but many of them have plenty of educational uses too.

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