Do Babies Really Need Toys?

Do Babies Really Need Toys?

The short answer is yes. Yes, they do.

The longer answer? Still yes. But lets talk about it in further detail, shall we?

We always get people asking us about toys for toddlers and babies, and this question does come up in many of our emails & messages.

So we thought why not write a blog about it too as we're sure many other people want to know the answer.

In short, babies need to be stimulated to ensure that their senses can develop too.

These include sight, hearing and, of course, touch which is something we're big on here at MooshKids.


Babies always need that skin-to-skin touch during their formative years for a number of reasons. 

Only a short months after they are born, it's a good idea to expose them so a variety of objects that have different textures.

This is to ensure that they can touch and feel everything from hard, shiny, rough, smooth, scratchy and everything in between.

The best thing to do here is to sit with them and take note of their different responses to the different surfaces.

Once you start to get an idea of what surfaces and types of toys they go for time and time again it will give you an idea as to what toys to buy them.

baby playing with personalised toys


During their formative years, babies can hear a number of sounds and will gravitate towards loud sounds during this time. 

As they continue to grow they will start to mimic words and various sounds.

As a parent, you can encourage that development by introducing toys with music or sounds that will make them react.

See if you can introduce a couple of toys that do this so they have a variety to play with.

Things like wooden shaker rattles, clapping toys, and good old nursery rhymes are all good examples of this.

We think wooden shaker toys are always a good option because babies can pick them up and react to the shaking noise all at the same time.


Babies typically have limited sight during the first few months of being born and can only see up to approximately a few inches to a few feet by 6 months of age.

Simply encouraging your baby to look at different objects all the time, regardless of what it is, will help with their eye tracking.

As the grow, that's when they will be able to start grabbing things that they see and that's when you need to be a little careful with what you leave around the house.

If you're a parent of a toddler, you're probably having nightmares just reading that last paragraph and thinking about all the things your little one tried to grab. 

So, as you can probably tell there's absolutely plenty of reasons for babies to be playing toys.

Yes they're entertaining first and foremost, but they're also educational in the sense that it teaches them to grab, listen and look at every opportunity.



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